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Volkmar Wincentz

     Vokmar Wincentz was a radio engineer for the Telefunken Factory in Dachau. He had been D4BBK before the war. He was an interpreter for the U.S. Military an also conitnued working at Telefunken. We became friends. He had told me he had a current call at that time of something like DL2USA. I am not sure about the prefex but th USA sufix was correct. I made a deal with him to make, at the Telefunken factory, a band switching ham transceiver for 10,20, 40 and 80. The cost was 10 cartons of cigarettes. Cigarettes cost .50 cents a carton in the PX. Shortly there after I ended up in the hospital for thee months and the Army sent me home on a discharge. I wrote to him once when I got home and his sister answered the letter and said he was seriously ill and could not answer my letter. The last I heard from him.


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