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Communications Platoon

     This is what was left after every one was shipped home. Two of them were replacements. Left to right. Andy, myself, jeep driver Ernie, and Thomason, a radio operator.
     Andy was a Polsh refugee. He was a telephone line man in his civlian life. He was hired by the military to work for us. Here's the joke. The 120 foot pole on the ground had a fouled up pulley at the top. My climbing sklls were't too great. I climbed the pole to untangle the rope and pulley. The pole was swaying back and forth a foot either side of center with my weight. I was too scared to let go and untangle the pulley. I came back down and Andy shot up the pole like a monkey and finsished the job. Every one got a good laugh out of that. The moral of the story. Don't climb poles. Use a bucket truck.

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